I’ve tried other trainers, but they were just not as capable of  pushing me safely or as concerned with my all around health.  Adam has helped me recover from a knee injury and is helping me lose the weight I gained and rebuild the muscle I lost.  He is also flexible with scheduling. Each session is different, but always includes strengthening and cardio.

Francesca C.

I could not recommend Adam Dicker more highly.  I have been working out with him for a little over nine months and have only positive things to say about the experience: he is careful, diligent, a great motivator, and very clearly dedicated to his clients and their goals.
I found out I was pregnant two weeks into working with him, and he immediately adjusted our workouts accordingly, always careful to make sure I was exercising safely.   His approach to our workouts however did not change at all: he pushed me to give my best and to work to the extent of my capabilities, while never pushing beyond that.
Somehow, despite my being pregnant for almost all of our time training together, Adam has increased my endurance, strength and overall fitness noticeably.  My daughter was born two weeks ago, and I am looking forward to see what will happen to my fitness under his training now.
I have worked with many trainers, and this has been the most positive experience I have ever had.  If you are looking for someone to help you get fit, lose weight, gain strength, train for a specific event, or just motivate you to keep working out, I could not recommend Adam more.

Marina B.

I have been training with Adam for 5 years.  He is a non-nonsense, results-driven trainer.  If you want to change your body, your strength and your overall fitness level then go train with Adam. If you want to waste time, show up late and small talk then he is not your guy.  He tells you what need to hear (to improve) not “what you want to hear” and pushes you and holds you accountable to your goals and is disappointed if you aren’t at committed to your overall potential as he is.  Adam speaks to the importance of nutrition and moderation as key tenets to the entire fitness/ wellness equation.  He focuses on logging the workouts and monitoring strength gains and weight losses.  Adam also will measure you and tracks your progress (if you want).  His training is a combo of conditioning and strength exercises with cardio thrown in for overall aerobic fitness improvement.  My favorite is the stretching at the end which means I have successfully completed another workout.  Adam is never late, never cancels on his clients and expects you to be on time too (which is fair). You should definitely try him if he is taking on new clients.  I also like that Adam grades my workouts and gives written feedback on what I did well on and what I need to improve on. Again, I have been with him for 5 years and have had many trainers so you know he is good.

Tom W.

Some people just need that extra motivation and guidance to accomplish what they know deep down is possible.  I never considered personal training until a friend told me about his sessions with Adam.   I made my first appointment almost 2 years ago and I haven’t let up since.  It changed my life for the better in every way possible.  Not only are his training sessions professional and thought out, they are also tailored to me as an individual.  Adam is a trained MMA fighter (with a record, to boot) so he was able to incorporate boxing and muy thai into my workouts which keeps them new and exciting.  I feel like I am always doing new circuits and getting a complete body/ core workout.  The results have been incredible and I feel amazing.  His brother is also a certified nutritionist so Adam always has excellent eating advice. Adam is more than just a trainer he actually cares about my progress and always give me the encouragement I need to keep coming back.   Worth every penny you will ever invest.

Mike W.

I hate working out. I hate gyms. I hate people who talk about working out. …and yet, I now go to Adam THREE times a week. I’m much stronger. How do I know? He keeps track and I can see the improvement-and I can feel it in daily activities like running up a flight of stairs. He mixes up the cardio, the strength training, and the workouts so it stays interesting. Adam also acts as a nutritionist–he’s given great recommendations, such as stop eating circular foods (like bagels and donuts) for breakfast. Seems obvious, right? Sometimes you need a little encouragement to get yourself in shape. If that sounds like you, then try scheduling an appointment with Adam.

Jason W.

Adam is an excellent trainer. He tailors the workouts toward your goals and gets results. I have been working with Adam  for over 2 years and have referred many friends.

Jason Y.

Adam is dedicated to creating a fit experience for his clients. He is very flexible with what works for YOUR schedule. I started with him just over a year ago and went from a size 12 to a 4. He motivates, challenges, and strengthens your mind AND body. Adam is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of fitness and nutrition.

Nicole R.

If you want to be the best you possible, you owe it to yourself to invest in Adam; he will help you achieve your goals, I am living proof.
When I first met Adam he took measurements, my weight and we spoke about my goals. I wanted to be able to carry my two kids for 2 miles, to be strong but not bulky and to have endurance. He listened to me and crafted a plan, a plan that is constantly evolving based on my progress.
At first, I was skeptical because I have always worked out on my own, but Adam reminded me that even professional athletes have trainers.
Since I started working out with Adam a couple  days a week I am down 35 lbs in 6 months, getting closer and closer to my goal.  My bones and joints are a lot happier with me and it has been one of the best experiences of my life.
I trust Adam, because he does all of the exercises that he makes me do.  Adam has believed in me since the first day I started working out with him and with that constant reinforcement, I now believe in me again.  I fit into my clothes again as I have lost 4″ in my waist and 2″ in my hips.
If you want to be the best you possible, you owe it to yourself to invest in Adam, because with your effort and his direction you will achieve your goals, period.  We all have to make the commitment to him and yourself to show up and work hard, but the harder you work, the more benefit you will reap.
The question is, Are you willing to make the change or will you deny, deny, deny and slowly die?
I chose to change and it has never felt so good

Gary P.

I am in my sixth year of working out with Adam and can’t imagine life without him. He keeps me in shape, motivated, and healthy.
He’s always able to answer my questions and concerns and tailors my workouts to fit my needs during each season.
Adam has guided me thru marathons, triathlons, and getting into the best shape of my life. I can’t recommend him enough!
If you’re looking for a trainer with knowledge of the body, nutrition, and general athleticism, you’ve found the right guy

Adam B.

I’ve been working out with Adam for two years, and I am now in the best shape of my life. He spends a lot of time developing a workout plan for each client, and implements it with professionalism and a low key but effective approach. I am confident that anyone using him will reach their fitness goals.

Lee G.

My personal training experience with Adam Dicker was incredibly valuable and life-changing. I saw my fitness and strength improve, I reached personal weight loss goals, and I successfully completed my first marathon. I trained with Adam two days per week for seven months. His attention to detail was very important to me. By taking detailed notes during each session, we had a clear indicator for tracking improvements. As I advance, it was easy to forget how difficult it was when I started, so I was always amazed when Adam noted the exact improvements! I enhanced my training results by making changes to my eating habits and setting realistic goals for fitness and weight loss. Adam’s training style is professional, focused and encouraging. His support was one of the greatest factors in my success. I can’t thank him enough. Stats: Total weight lost: 78 pounds, Body fat % before: 38.5%, after: 23.3%, BMI before:35.1, after: 24.7

Laura P.

Adam is a phenomenal trainer because he pushes you to keep going even when you think you can’t possibly do anything anymore. He takes you to a level of yourself you probably never realized you even had. He makes you ask yourself why you are there. Is it because you want to work hard and achieve results? Or is it to socialize? If you are willing to put forth the hard work and listen to Adam and know he is trying to help you be the best you can be, you will see results. I have. That’s why he is my trainer.

Kara S.

I joined the gym in November 2009 and immediately started working out with Adam Dicker as my personal trainer. I have never been comfortable in a gym setting and was very hesitant to join. I must admit that not only am I happy I joined the gym, but SO happy I have a personal trainer to show me the right way to work out, how to use the equipment correctly and most importantly, help me get back into the shape I want to be in. In one session I admitted to Adam that this was the most fun I had ever had at the gym! (totally not a lie to boost his ego). I not only feel physically healthier, leaner and stronger, but I also feel mentally stronger and more confident. Adam also makes the workouts fun and I honestly look forward to working out with him. I highly recommend personal training for anyone looking to improve their body and mind

Kristin K.
When I decided to sign up for a personal trainer over the summer, I have to admit, I was intimidated by it. What was I getting myself into? Was I ready for this kind of life change? Could I even survive an entire 60 minutes of being pushed to my limit? But after meeting Adam for our firsts session, he put all of those fears to rest.
Throughout our sessions together, Adam has taught me not only how to work out properly and safely, but also about making healthy eating choices, strength training, toning and conditioning. My lifestyle has changed dramatically since July, all for the better, and all because of personal training! I love my body again, and that love grows more and more each day because of my personal training sessions, working out on my own, and eating healthy.
Now, three months later, I can easily say that signing up for a personal trainer has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve lost 13 pounds (and counting), am down 7% body fat, and am in my percentile range for my weight, body fat percentage, and BMI. Adam has showed me how to work out properly and make healthy eating decisions. and I will take this newfound knowledge with me wherever I go. Now, not only do I have a new friend, but I also have a body I’m proud of and the knowledge to keep it looking good! Thanks Adam!
Jen R.
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